Saturday, June 26, 2010

Step It Up

Weak.  Tired.  Out of breath.  Feeling old.

I'm sick of it!  

After 3 years of karate training, Black Belt is within reach.  As I take stock of myself and commit to reaching my goal, I realize that this mind and body must get serious to achieve Black Belt excellence.  

First - the body.  Specifically the exercise component.  Time to step it up. In addition to 2 days per week of karate training, this week I added the 3 day-a-week Satori Fit class at the dojo.  The jump from 2 to 5 hours a week has been a challenge, and after the first week my muscles are screaming.  

It hurts so good!

I am already seeing improvement after 1 week.  My punches are getting stronger.  I can now complete 20 real push-ups in a row.  My goal - no more knee push-ups!

Baby steps.  

T-minus 167 days and counting.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Encumbered and Blessed

My mom recently shared an article that really opened my eyes.  The article entitled, "Encumbered and Blessed," was written by 17 year old high school student, Jacob Artson.

Here is a link to the article:

I was moved by Jacob's words and shared my thoughts with my mom in the letter that follows:

Hi, Mom,

Thanks for sending this article; I just finished reading it.  This boy's feelings about his experiences of being treated differently as an autistic person were enlightening.  I know that I usually try to avoid looking at person who exhibits unusual behavior due to a disability.  I thought that I was being kind to not notice the strange or different behavior.  Now I have learned that my actions may have had the effect that I meant to avoid.  I was not at all kind; rather I may have caused that person to miss out on human interaction and feel lonely.

I like the attitude of searching for the likeness to God in everyone.  That way we "look for the good" and will most likely find it.  Our assumptions of the feelings and motivations of others may be totally off base.  Because someone can't speak or control his actions does not mean that we can discount his feelings, intelligence or ability to contribute anything meaningful.

We may never know how our actions and behaviors affect others, especially if we cannot look at the world through the same eyes.  How frustrating it must be to want to express ideas but not be able to speak, to try to remain still and quiet during a movie or performance but not be in control of our movements, or to possess leadership or other skills but not be considered for positions to use those skills to their fullest potential.

From now on, I will be more patient and think about how my actions affect others.  I will not make assumptions about others, but I will remain open minded and consider that there may be a reason for something that is not of my "logical thinking."  I will not avoid those who are "different," but I will interact with them.

Thanks so much for sharing.

I love you,

Lisa xoxoxo