Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drink Wine After Its Time?

You know that saying, "Drink no wine before its time?"  Well, how about "old" wine?  What if a person (I wonder who?) has lots of wine that is "officially" after its time?  I say, "Drink it!"

Two days ago I opened one of my favorites, Latcham Vineyards 2003 Petite Sirah from the Fair Play region of El Dorado County. The cork was intact and wet with no sediment in the bottle - so far, so good. As are most of my old wines, the color was dark purple-red with no translucence.  My swirl released a light peppery bouquet. A smooth slightly tannic taste ended with a mild peppery finish with blackberry notes.  Delish! While doing some research, I found that this wine may be enjoyed for many more than the 8 years that this bottle has aged.

Because it has been 2 days since I opened this bottle, and a couple of glasses remain, I am having another taste to refresh my memory.

Aside - My DH, ever so helpful, reminds me that it is not even 5:00 in New York yet. I say that, if it's ok to drink a beer during an afternoon football game, a glass of wine is also appropriate.  At least I will not be bloated or belching.

Ah yes, I remember now!  Even though not newly opened, it is still yummy and definitely enjoyable. 

Result:  Highly recommended. Drink It!

Disclaimer:  I do appreciate a glass of fine wine, but I am no wine critic. So, my wine notes are very casual, extremely subjective and definitely not what you will find in a shi-shi poo-poo wine magazine. Read and drink at your own risk.

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  1. Is there a shi-shi poo-poo wine magazine you would recommend? I like your point about wine being ok whenever beer is ok. Appreciate your scientific approach to this pressing question.